Car Batteries

At Centre Road Batteries we have a full complete range of automotive batteries to suit, not only various power requirements but your budget.
With 12 month, 2 year, 30 month, 3 year and up to 40 month warranties available, we'll get the right battery for the right job.
We are stockists of:
SUPERCHARGE SILVER AND SUPERCHARGE GOLD BATTERIES a recognised brand in the Automotive Battery Industry with 30 and 40 month warranties.
Supercharge Power Station. A 2 year warranty battery with quality CCA's for the more budget conscience.
NEUTON POWER BATTERIES an emerging manufacturer with 12 month, 2 year and 3 year warranties available. A reliable product at a reliable price!

With over 25 years of experience we'll discuss whether any of these nationwide covered products will be the right application for the car that gets you from A to B, your daily driver, mum's taxi or dad's pride and joy!

With free battery testing and fitting plus delivery to the south east suburbs of Melbourne, We'll Get You Going!