Motive Power

At Centre Road Batteries we are ' THE DEEP CYCLE SPECIALIST".

We have been providing a full range of quality deep cycle batteries to various industries and applications for over the last 25 years.

Since the year 2000 we have been an Authorized Dealer of Trojan Batteries, The USA made number 1 manufacturer of top quality deep cycle batteries World Wide!

What makes Trojan so different?

T2 Technology & Alpha Plus Paste. These two registered and trade marked products are unique only to Trojan, teaming up with Trojan's Maxguard these products equal longer life with better performance. Just visit Trojan's web site for the explanation as to why Trojan are the world's number 1.

Backing up our complete range of deep cycle batteries are Crown Manufacturing from the USA, Supercharge Amptech deep cycle and Neuton Power deep cycle batteries. So we'll have a battery to suit your budget but more importantly your needs.

Golf buggies, 4WD, camping, fishing, cleaning, lifting we've got it covered!

Have a traction electric fork?

All you have to do is ask. Let us try & source you a fit & rebuild for your electric forklift with test & reports and then complete pick up and delivery of your new traction battery.

So much more than just car batteries!