Motorcycle Batteries

Need a motorcycle, jetski or PWC battery. Then come and see Centre Road Batteries. We have a full range of REV PLUS motorcycle products to keep your favourite recreational toy going!
6 volt, 12 volt, traditional wet cell, maintenance free or SLA/AGM we can get the battery you need for that particular application and at competitive prices.
Our motorcycle range is clean and fresh, the wet cell and maintenance free range come dry charged & we wet them down on the spot so you can rest assured the battery hasn't been sitting around for weeks before you purchase it!

....and in the event we don't have it ( there are SO many different motorcycle battery products ) we'll source it for you ASAP!


It's very important to maintain your battery, particularly if it's used in a seasonal application like a PWC, bike or ride on mower.

These batteries get used less often and should be 'maintenance charged' every 6 to 8 weeks.
Unlike your car, that's used every day and whose alternator keeps it's battery charged, your bike or PWC may only be used in summer. Leading to long periods of not being used!

Lead acid batteries lose their full charge over a 3 month period, making your toys hard to start.

So talk to us about trickle chargers to help keep the battery you buy from us fresh!