Caravan Batteries

Since 1985 Centre Road Batteries has been specializing in quality deep cycle and AGM batteries for use in the caravan/ RV industry. Stocking world leading brands such as US made Trojan, Crown, Supercharge Amptech, you can be sure that you'll get the right battery to suit your needs.

We stock a huge range of:

*FLOODED DEEP CYCLE- Traditional 'wet style ' batteries that can be discharged and recharged and that require 'topping up. Great for under the bonnet applications or caravans, RVs and camper trailers that have outside access to the batteries where the customer can maintain them.

*MAINTENANCE FREE DEEP CYCLE- Also known as RV batteries, these products still use wet cell technology but are completely maintenance free i.e. you can't access them the take care of themselves. These batteries can be fitted under the bonnet or easy to access areas where they can still 'breathe'. They are convenient for the person with low use cycling applications who doesn't want the hassle of maintaining their deep cycle battery. I.e. perfect for the 4-5 time a year camper!

* AGM-absorbed glass matt batteries are made for high use hard to get at places i.e. under the bed cavity in a caravan or camper where every bit of space needs to be utilised. This form of manufacturing uses the sulphuric acid in a gel form, which is injected/absorbed into the fibre glass matt separators and then the plates are 'sandwiched' between. This type of process utilises every bit of the active plates and thus gives high performance cycling capabilities within a completely 'sealed' case. Perfect for tight spaces and 'in vehicle' applications.
These batteries require multi-stage type chargers and can be charged via the vehicles alternator provided that a DC-DC Converter is fitted, depending on the vehicle make.

Call Centre Road Batteries or even better, drop in and we'll be more than happy to discuss which deep cycle battery will suit your needs and you application.


1/ Identify the Ampere Hours for each piece of equipment you have:

*lights@ 25 watts each = 50 watts / divide by the system volts 12v x multiply by the hours you'll use it for 5hours=20.83
*fridge at 60 watts= 60 watts/ 12v x 8 =40.00
*radio at 80watts= 80 watts/ 12 v x 3 =19.99

Add these totals together =80.82
then add 30% for a safety cushion x 30%

For this set up you'll need a 105.06 amp battery!

Simple. Remember. Be honest about your power requirements so you can get the right battery for the right job!

Calls us now to discuss any of the above when choosing your battery products. Don't waste time and money on products just because the bloke behind the counter says they'll do! At Centre Road Batteries we'll explain WHY you need what you need!